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Apex Media is an integrated creative media solutions provider. We are a corporate brand under Apex Group.

We elevate your branding and communication strategies through creative concepts, designs and digital media production.

We enable you to generate effective content through integrating media production to achieve results for your corporate videos, commercials and product marketing. 

We drive online engagement for you through video marketing and production expertise.

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We are your extended digital marketing, website design and web development team with experience in creative visual strategies, viral marketing campaigns at a lower cost, catering SME businesses.


Our experienced digital marketing team is well versed in SME business market such as increasing conversion rate through the use of search engine optimisation, social media and online marketing.


An efficient branding agency that helps to curate a corporate branding identity for SME businesses. We create storyboards for your corporate and marketing videos in alignment to your company values.


We blend creativity and innovative ideas in our website design and develop strategic website layouts to increase online sales conversion.


As one of the top design companies in Singapore for SME businesses, we produced brand identity, web development, website design, online marketing, SEO, and advertising.


We analyze your digital platform’s traffic in order to envision effective digital marketing strategies for all SME businesses. We research and produce videos best suitable for your marketing campaigns.

What makes us unique

We pride ourselves in creating value for your target audience. At Apex Media, we believe that building relationship and trust is much more important than a one time service of just executing a project.

For us, we try our best to integrate the best solution and give you advice. Every design must be carefully thought out to give the best experience to users visiting your site.

We are a professionally diversified group of project managers, video producers, content creators, digital media specialists and creative designers.


Our culture is based on 3 simple words: Focus, Passion, Follow-through. To focus on every single project we are undertaking with the passion we have for our line of work. No matter what happens, our team will follow through with the job despite any new challenges that stand in our way.

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