3 Popular Web Design Trends for 2020

3 Popular Web Design Trends for 2020

A good design will give your visitors a good impression which will in turn improve your sales figures. A poorly designed website will damage the reputation of any company given that a poorly designed website will look sketchy and not appealing. To ensure that your website is trendy, we have compiled a list of popular designs that will look great in today’s web design which will impress your visitors.

1. Minimalist Design

While the main features for minimalist design of a website changes over time. It is always on the top of design every year, this is usually because of the elegance, usability and simplicity of the website. There is a saying “Less is more” is quite true as where the simple design would look clean and neat as compared to the extravagant design when it is not executed well. One good way to achieve this is to remove heavy paragraphs for a high quality image/video that would deliver the message in a straightforward manner.

Source: Business vector created by pikisuperstar – www.freepik.com

2. Luminous color scheme

Luminous color will bring out the modern and futuristic look for your website. Colors such as blue, purple, neon, and pink will give your website a futuristic look. Colours are an important aspect in web design because colors can convey emotion and tone. The colour blue usually represents trust, peace and serenity while purple gives off a royal vibe. 

Source: Banner vector created by vectorpouch – www.freepik.com

3. Full-Page headers

One of the web trends in 2020 would be full page headers. The large header would allow the visitor to focus first on the large header banner with a call to action button on the website for users to contact the company or buy the items quickly. The most important aspect of a website is easy to read, find and click while also keeping the content interesting.

Source: Banner psd created by oxurra – www.freepik.com

Source: Banner psd created by oxurra – www.freepik.com


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