3 Ways To Make A Basic Studio Production

3 Ways To Make A Basic Studio Production

1. Make use of your photography skills

  • Instead of spending a huge sum of money on renting a studio for your shoots, you can create your own studio with a backdrop. One suggestion will be a product photo shoot where you can set up against a plain backdrop (or you can purchase a white box or green screen) and take your photography skills to use.
  • An example of green screen would be:
  • An example of white box (or white background):

You can purchase your light box easily as it is one of the demands for portable photography. If you are looking to shoot small products, a light box is the most essential for your photography use!

2. Not just photography but videography

  • Aside from photography which ranges from product shoots to even portrait shoots, you can eventually set up a live streaming shoot. In the current situation, live streaming is in demand. Here is the equipment you need to set up your own live streaming!
  1. A green screen background 
  2. Webcam or video camera
  3. Lighting
  4. Streaming software
  • Now, aside from live streaming, you can do your own filming. Here is one of the filmings that APEX Media have done for a product shoot: https://vimeo.com/444814885

3. Bring in some lights

  • Why do you need lights and why is lighting important in photography?
  1. It will bring in successful images depending on what you want for the concept to turn out like. 
  2. It depends on the tone, mood and the atmosphere.
  • Positioning: Different lighting affects the shoot.
  1. Front Lighting: Direct pointing of the light on the person/object can give you a flat lighting. It also will cause shadows to fall in in the background of the image. Therefore, a recommended position will be the side lighting which produces a far more interesting light. It will show the shape of the object/subject more and a light partial shadow giving it a more dramatic concept.
  2. Side Lighting: With side lighting, it’s slightly easier to shoot. You just have to monitor and watch how the shadows fall. Small adjustment within the subject’s position can create more interesting or flattering shadows.
  3. Back Lighting: Without understanding the use of manual mode or light modifier, you will end up with a silhouette. Once you get the hang of it, you can create spectacular images. One tip on backlighting, it gives portraits a nice pop. 
  • Shaping: A diffuser for your light source will be recommended as it can help to reduce the harshness of the shadows and diminish the blemishes on your subject. It helps your subject/object portray a natural looking result.
  • Manipulating: You can use various types of diffusers and reflectors to achieve a result where manipulated light will fall on a particular area of the subject.
  • Reflectors: It helps to bounce flash light on the area you prefer to highlight
  • Spot light: It enables you to have more control over the direction of light

Of course, not all projects are suitable to just use a makeshift studio. We definitely recommend using our professional green screen studio for bigger projects like virtual events, corporate branding video and live streaming webinar. These are the kind of projects / events that require professional production expertise and top quality filming gears. 

APEX Productions (our partner company) has just the perfect film studio for major applications. Their green screen studio features a full audio visual lighting equipment set, professional live streaming workstations and multi-camera systems for a seamless virtual event or video recording session. You can check out more information and photos over here! (link to apex productions site)


If you are looking to improve on your business with digital solutions such as website design, digital marketing or reviewing your online platform, feel free to email us at enquiry@apexmedia.com.sg

We are more than happy to provide a complimentary consultation with regards to your business!

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