5 Fundamental Elements of Photography

5 Fundamental Elements of Photography

  • Light
  • Color
  • Moment
  • Composition
  • Distance

1. Light

Light is everywhere. Without light, you won’t be able to see anything or even get your picture perfect. Therefore, light is very important. 

Direction of light is the main highlight. It helps to create the mood of the scene. It creates depth and helps to focus attention on the texture of the image by creating a mixture of highlights and shadows.

Let’s take a look at the difference of direction between with light and without light.

Without light: (only with production lights)

(only with production lights)

With light, it helps to create a better quality and beautiful images.

2. Color

With color, it helps to make the photo radiate out different emotions. 

It is one of the main factors responsible for the post production image. 

It can be exciting, fun, gloomy, sad, mysterious or at loss. 

Color is one of the primary tools to help build emotions. With colors, it helps to convey different messages and emotions hence making a stronger impact on the viewer.

3. Moment

Capturing the moment is all about creation. If you feel at that moment, you are going to get that special picture, go ahead and snap. But, if you are about to capture that moment, creating it is another explanation where you should be having all the elements in a frame come together as to tell the story.

Not all photos will have special moments.

4. Composition

Composition is about emphasizing the subject/object to stand out in a particular way away from the rest of the picture. Definitely a good composition can turn an ordinary scene into an image that grabs the attention of the viewers.

Creating relevant and good compositions is a key element of great photographs.

5. Distance

Distance depends on the individual photographer chooses to be from their subject/object. It will affect the feeling and overall impact the photo has. 

It also determines the focal length you need to shoot at in order to get all the important parts of the photo into the frame. 

With the elements mentioned above, there is not right or wrong. It will vary depending on the situation and what the photographer wants to achieve.

The closer the photographer shoots closer to the subject, it will make the viewer feel like they are there physically.

So the thought process is very important therefore we need to understand why we choose to be at certain distance away from our subjects and how will the final image turn out to be like.

It also depends on the lens choice the photographer chooses to use for the image.


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