8 Best Colour Scheme For Website Design

8 Best Colour Scheme For Website Design

Gone were the days when placing an image as your website background that seemed awkwardly cool and seemingly a trend. Fast forward to 2020, website designs are all about interactivity, usability, functionality, the user experience and users point of view when navigating through the website. Not to mention, animation embedded into the platform itself.

Apart from all of the factors that make up a good website design, the colour scheme still plays an important role in the overall design. Colour scheme helps to reflect the brand image, providing a story through the platform and displaying certain meaning and connotations along the way.

So that is a brief explanation on why colour scheme is important, here are the best 8 colour schemes for website design.

8 Best Colour Scheme For Website Design

1. Prevent Epidemics



  • #57BD53
  • #F9CA47
  • #ED383A
  • #888799
  • #575474
  • #D9E0EA

A great way for website designers to identify the importance of details is to use colours and emphasise those information. For instance, prevent epidemics uses various hex codes to identify the severity of virus cases in each country, which also helps educating people about which area that is not safe to travel as of currently.

2. Jebsen Careers

Lively colours can also be used even in a corporate area such as job listing platforms. Moreover, using such colours helps to identify what kind of job listing that might be available in this platform. For such colours, it can represent Information Technology, hospitality or logistics. Different industries tend to represent a specific colour.


  • #52BFB3
  • #4BADCF
  • #ED383A

3. Fotonaut

Vibrant colours can be used to represent the creative elements of the company. For Fotonaut, it emphasizes a bright colour in contrast with monotone elements such as grey, black or white. This helps to understand the nature of the company and what it does. Website designers tend to be a little bit more creative when it comes to a creative organisation.


  • #FCDC4B

4. Meet Slumber

An application that helps you with your sleep? What kind of brainstorming would you do upon coming up with the colour schemes? Striking, bold, bright colours might not be the move viable choices for website designers to choose from. Not especially during the website design to represent something otherwise. When producing such website design, it is best to identify and understand the nature of the company and what it does for their consumers.


  • #031522
  • #1D3048
  • #0F4171
  • #968E81

5. Omega Yeast

Is it yeast? What comes to mind when designing a website for a business that produces an authentic product? We look into their products and how we can reflect the brand image into the website design.


  • #151515
  • #86ABAB
  • #F8F8F8

6. Snipcart

A technology that allows adding a shopping cart to any website. Snipcart seems like they are from an information technology company that helps businesses adding shopping cart into their website. As mentioned in this article, certain industries represent certain colour and Information Technology sector has its own value of colours to represent.


  • #DBD281
  • #7C8688
  • #99A3A5

7. Farm Food

Food might be the easiest section to think about colours. We tend to associate green, yellow or red for food. Certain colours represent hunger and some colours represent organic. What about Farm Food? We can notice that it sells organic food for pets and the best way to idea the best colour scheme is to lean towards an organic colour scheme.


  • #A1BD48

8. Five Four

Lastly, the creative agency, where ideas and brainstorming ended up being a reciprocal, seemingly endless as everyone that is in charge of the design are supposedly creative. However, there is a tweak to it. A creative agency website does not necessarily have to look creative. It can be the most simple and minimalist design you have ever seen but with a twist of bold and contrast colours within the design.


  • #ED3833
  • #C8B06D


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