8 Best Plugins To Use In Adobe XD

8 Best Plugins To Use In Adobe XD

Adobe XD is one of the most efficient software that web designers use to produce low to high fidelity wireframes. What’s better about Adobe XD, is that it optimises the assets that you use and can be easily handed over to the development team. We get it. Digital designers are like the sandwich between the digital marketing team and the development team. They are constantly on the rush between identifying the functionality of the website or application that they are designing and how viable the platform can organise contents for SEO and marketing purposes.

That is when a software such as Adobe XD comes in handy to produce efficient wireframes within a short period of time. Using Adobe XD, allows easy discussion by exporting the prototype online and sending over to different departments for reviews. To make web or UX designers’ work much easier, here comes the 8 best Adobe XD plugins that you can use in 2020.

Our Chosen 8 Best Plugins To Use

1. UI Faces

UI Faces Plugin

Creating a user profile without having a proper visualisation seems a little inappropriate. This is when UI Faces plugin on Adobe XD comes in. With this plugin, you are able to create over 1000 real human faces as your avatar. These avatars come from free-for-commercial stock images such as Pexel and Unsplash.

2. Lorem Ipsum

Designers are not content creators – Needs emphasizing on that. Although, if your client has not provided contents for your design, you are always able to generate Lorem Ipsum dummy content onto your wireframe.

Lorem Ipsum plugin

3. Icons 4 Design

Whether you need a hamburger menu, registration icon, setting icon or any icons that fit into your wireframe, Icons 4 Design has it all. This plugin will help to minimise your time to design new icons while focusing on the usability and functionality of your design.

Icons 4 Design Plugin

4. Ikono

Similar to Icons 4 Design, Ikono is a plugin that provides thousands of icons just for your wireframing needs. Just in case, you could not find the icon you need from Icons 4 Design, head over to Ikono to look for it – or vice versa. The more plugins the better!

5. Web Export

So you are done with your wireframing, and you need to export into HTML context for your developer? Web Export plugin may be the best one for you. It is an efficient plugin that allows you to export your artboard into a HTML context. Based on our observations, some of the times, the exported HTML was not correctly aligned. Therefore, this plugin is best suited for those who have knowledge of HTML.

Web Export Plugin

6. Zeplin

Another similar plugin to Web Export. Zeplin also allows you to export your artboard into HTML and CSS context and you can even view your style sheet from it – Just in case, Web Export did not work out. This is not to say that web export is not a good plugin as compared to Zeplin, but both have different outcomes. Web Export is best suited for individual or simple website designs for you to export into purely HTML contexts. Zeplin, on the other hand, allows you to to view measurements and the assets can be transferred to the development team.

7. Overflow

This is one very powerful plugin. It helps to organise your artboard, showing your clients the entire user journey of your wireframe and create a flow diagram. Check out the plugin here;  overflow.io

Overflow Plugin

8. Trello

If your company is using Trello as part of the internal project management tool, then you are in luck. Trello is a project management tool, and also has a plugin for Adobe XD, that allows you to share your work to your team directly in Trello. Talk about efficiency!

Trello Plugin

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