APEX Jan 2021 Updates – (New) Company’s Resolution & Direction

APEX Jan 2021 Updates – (New) Company’s Resolution & Direction

Our team at APEX welcomes a new start for the new year! In 2020, the pandemic has been hard on everyone. Our company has been affected but we managed to find opportunities amidst this pandemic. 

The Apex Media team has been working on different types of projects and catering to many different clients.

To ensure that we are kept up to trends, our team has been researching new design and development trends to make sure we are constantly ahead in terms of trending ideas.

And for this new year, we are proud to present to you what we have done to improve on our agency as well as our team as a whole during the period.

New Company Logo and Direction

To further serve our targeted clients better and strengthen our individual business brand identities, we have rebranded into APEX Group. APEX Group consists of 3 subsidiary businesses.

They are APEX Media, APEX Productions, and Gear Garage. This is to streamline our business goals and prepare for future expansion of the company.

Website Updates

We encourage the culture of throwing new ideas around in the office everyday at APEX Media and we come out with finalized ideas every month on how we could further improve our company’s business. 

The media team has come up with a creative and different approach this year to showcase our talents when it comes to animation.

The design & development team has been working hard these few days to churn out content relating to our website updates which we are proud to present to you our space theme inside the world of APEX Universe (yes, we are making a fictional story for our company)

The direction and analogy we are going for this year is to connect you to your clients around the globe. Which largely include astronauts, space and planets.

The story is to connect all the dots together as a where all the services are closely related to one another.

Other than working on our website, we have other projects worth mentioning such as DS Cleaning they needed a website revamp and the inclusion of online invoicing for the woocommerce website.

Many Projects For Productions

Our sister company APEX Production has been working around the clock ever since we have entered phase 2 and restrictions have eased on how we can operate.

The team is working on many event and live stream projects.

APEX Production also has several other projects which includes live streaming, hybrid events filming, interviews etc.

These events were made possible because of the easing of the Covid-19 restrictions placed.

Moving ahead in the new year

As we know APEX Media went through lots of changes during the past few months and we are unable to bring forward our updates to you, our avid readers.

Our plan for this year is to have a breakthrough and focus more on digital marketing for our clients, which is part of what we are all about, an integrated digital media agency.

Every company has a start, we started off as a website development and would now further focus towards digital marketing. Our expertise in this area will definitely help in your businesses. 

Stay Tuned next time!

We are delighted to share with you about all our updates and upcoming ideas, do subscribe to us to get a newsletter from us and we will see you again next time!


If you are looking to improve on your business with digital solutions such as website design, digital marketing or reviewing your online platform, feel free to email us at enquiry@apexmedia.com.sg

We are more than happy to provide a complimentary consultation with regards to your business!

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