August – September’s Updates on Apex Media

August – September’s Updates on Apex Media

August Updates

Website Updates

New ideas are thrown in everyday at APEX Media and we come out with ideas every month on how we could further improve our website’s look and feel. We’ve decided to have our website go with a more creative and trendy look of 2020 which included light and neon colours as these are colours which are attractive and considered trendy. If you’ve not followed our insights on web design trends, you may take a look at our insights for the articles. 3 Popular Web Design Trends for 2020

Redesigning and Revamping APEX Productions Website

Our sister company APEX Production is in need of an upgrade to their website and our design team gathered around throwing in several ideas to improve on the look and feel of the website. We redesigned their website from scratch as well as redesigning the logo to match our logo so we are able to connect with each other well as part of APEX Group. The designer and developer did a good job on illustrating and designing the components to make the website look professional. Do visit the website and find out more about them!

Studio Collaboration

Due to Covid-19, there have been several changes for our media team. Restrictions on retail owners has allowed us to shift our focus to E-Commerce and photography/video production. To better serve our clients, we collaborated with Se7enFriday and got a studio with green screen. This allowed us to have photography and video production sessions with our clients to better enhance their website and products!

Exploring Interactive Video

We have been experimenting with the idea of having interactive video for our clients as part of our value added service we can provide them to improve on their branding image. To familiarise ourselves with the new approach we approached Acqua Vida on the possibility of letting us help them film an interactive video for our project. We have successfully implemented a short interactive video which will allow users to choose different scenarios to better engage with the product itself. Click on the link to check out the video! Acqua Vida Interactive Video.

September Updates

Live Streaming Webinar & Video Production

In September, our sister company APEX Production had their first webinar live streaming virtual event at  Marriott Tangs Hotel over the weekends. We are proud that the event was a success and the team put in a lot of effort to make sure that the event runs smoothly. After the event, we compiled the highlights and turned it into a video as part of the promotional video on the setup! Follow us here to take a look at the video highlights! APEX Productions Webinar Event Highlights.

Designing of AGM by APEX

APEX Productions has requested us to design a new page that would include a service that they can provide to their client. The team worked hard and came out with a professional design which would be similar to the current page and kept the same style guidelines. To learn more about the mechanics of AGM by APEX, click on the link to be transported to our AGM Page!


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