APEX Jan 2021 Updates – (New) Company’s Resolution & Direction

Our team at APEX welcomes a new start for the new year! In 2020, the pandemic has been hard on everyone. Our company has been affected but we managed to find opportunities amidst this pandemic.  The Apex Media team has been working on different types of projects and catering to many different clients. To ensure […]

4 Effective Tips For A Great Ecommerce Website

The growth of online shopping is simply jaw dropping. A study shows that In 2018, an estimated 1.8 billion people worldwide purchased goods online (Statista, 2018). In the same year, global e-commerce sales amounted to $2.8 trillion (this is almost 10x the GDP of Singapore). If that isn’t enough to blow you away, projections show that global e-retail sales […]

Why Canva Is The Best Tool For Social Media Marketing

As a social media strategist, you would know deeply the importance of aesthetics and conveying a direct message to your audience or customers. Social media marketing itself, embodies various components from advertising to design. Communicating with your audience is one of the most important aspects of marketing. However, the first point of communication between you […]

Leveraging On Video Marketing For Your Business

Video content marketing has become extremely popular simply because it is the best marketing strategy to dramatically increase audience engagement and interaction. Video is no longer just part of your marketing strategy, it is now the main focus of your campaigns. 1. What is video marketing? Social video marketing is a component of an integrated […]

Top 3 Trends On Videography

1. Live Streaming Due to the pandemic and having to host events off site, live streaming has been 1 of the top trends around the world for brands or sellers to communicate with and to connect to their audience more efficiently.  To even start a live streaming on platforms is easy. Most can be done […]

August – September’s Updates on Apex Media

August Updates ‍ ‍ Website Updates New ideas are thrown in everyday at APEX Media and we come out with ideas every month on how we could further improve our website’s look and feel. We’ve decided to have our website go with a more creative and trendy look of 2020 which included light and neon colours as […]

5 Tips For Successful Digital Marketing

‍ Here are some useful tips on how to succeed in digital marketing . Pointers such as using ad or advertising agency , creative elements , know your target audience , integrate all marketing channels and optimize product listing ads . 1. Creative elements  As the world moves from day to day , online marketing is […]

The Importance Of Video Production For Your Business

Consumer behaviours have changed dramatically over the past years, the modern buyer now feeds on social media content as a way to engage with a business. Prints, words and graphics can only go so far in showcasing your corporate brand’s personality, interactive media on the other hand is the best way to engage and establish […]

8 Best Colour Scheme For Website Design

Gone were the days when placing an image as your website background that seemed awkwardly cool and seemingly a trend. Fast forward to 2020, website designs are all about interactivity, usability, functionality, the user experience and users point of view when navigating through the website. Not to mention, animation embedded into the platform itself. Apart […]

7 Great Ways Of Website Copywriting

You have created a compelling website design. You worked alongside developers on the layout, alignment and the content management system embedded in your website. Next, you are having issues with contents. Assuming you are an entrepreneur without good knowledge in copywriting and you do not have any connections to copywriters. Before we get into what […]