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Corporate Videos

We assist businesses and organizations in producing their corporate videos to enable them to promote and raise awareness of their corporate brand.  Corporate videos can be used in a business setting and serve many different purposes: Training, brand promotion, investor relations, internal communications and safety videos for employees
Our aim is to create a suitable video concept and art direction that will establish the ethos of your organization and one that truly resonates with your target audience.

Branding Videos

In this day and age, video marketing is an extremely popular strategy among businesses and brands to increase awareness and engage with their target audience. 

With the growing popularity of digital content, brands must find fresh, effective ways to reach their customers. We strive to help businesses break through the noise and win the attention, loyalty, and ultimately the spend of prospective buyers. When done right, branding video production is a powerful marketing tool for you.

We assist you to win the attention, trust, and advocacy of audiences through video marketing strategies and production techniques. 

Video Ads & Commercials

These are not just videos you post online. Video ads are videos tailored to each online platform and supported with paid placements in order to deliver very specific results. Over the years we’ve produced all kinds of videos for all kinds of clients.

Whether you need live action, motion graphics, 2D/3D animation or illustration, we’ve done it before and can do it for you. Our production process has been streamlined over the years to ensure you get a killer video on time and on a reasonable budget.

An advertisement is meant to grab attention, garner interest, and get people excited about what you do. Our end goal is to design your video to draw in potential customers.


Video Production Package For SMEs


  • Video conceptualization and creative direction
  • Storyboard creation and development
  • Character and scene creation
  • Production planning and schedule
  • Coordination and liaising
  • On-site production shoot & recording
  • Provision of necessary camera, audio, visual & lighting equipment
  • Provision of necessary logistics, transportation and related video props
  • Colour grading and video enhancements
  • Post production editing works
  • Provision of appropriate graphics, animations, texts, subtitles, music & visual effects
  • Final video deliverable, up to 5 mins

If you are an SME, do contact us for eligibility and get a quote for this package.

Turn Key Solutions


A picture speaks a thousand words. With photography, it helps to convey a strong message and make an impression to your audience at a glance.

We help you create photos that go well with your website design and brand identity.

Video Animation

We integrate interactivity in your online platform. Built-in animation is an uprising trend found on websites to engage with users. Animation in website has various purposes such as;

> Storytelling
> Usability
> Guide users
> Loading screen

Video Production

We plan, create compelling storyline and place it into our editing accordingly. We are your extended post production team, working alongside with clients to suite with your branding.

Immersive Media

Engaging users into the story of the video, by creating gamification functionality into the video where users are able to interact within the website itself. We turn your videos into interactive experiences to enhance the engagement between your brand and your customers.

The One Studio

a space for content creation.

For Branding And Production

Immerse with the full usage of our studio to enhance corporate branding image, products, commercial setting and advertising for your business. 

Incorporate video production into digital media to increase online brand awareness and attracting potential clients for any SME businesses.

Our digital media team at APEX Media is constantly striving to be at the forefront of media production technology and virtual effects to bring more value to our partners and enable companies to scale successfully.

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