Top 3 Trends On Videography

Top 3 Trends On Videography

1. Live Streaming

Due to the pandemic and having to host events off site, live streaming has been 1 of the top trends around the world for brands or sellers to communicate with and to connect to their audience more efficiently. 

To even start a live streaming on platforms is easy. Most can be done with zero costing by just setting up an account and starting posting promotional materials. It also can come with the downside to it where your videos are not getting enough views and even not getting the message across the audience to what your selling point is.

Zero costing can be started with Facebook Live or Youtube Live or other various social media platforms. 

Even Youtube have launched their mobile live streaming so you can stream from wherever you are. This makes it much more convenient and easier if for example, you forgot to bring your laptop to stream, you can just take out your phone and start streaming.

Therefore you need to start brainstorming concepts and ideas so as to attract the attention of your viewers but! Of course, the live videos are happening in real-time. Hence, it’s easier to get notifications from the page you like or even the channel you subscribe to. This appears because of how social media platforms are helping out in encouraging viewers to join the live stream event that is happening at that point of time.

With live streaming, it increases the chance of getting viewers glued to whatever message you are trying to get across to. Just by simply uploading your video with hashtags that will help your video trend from local to worldwide, you can easily upload it without a sweat. This will help put your message across many viewers.

Aside from just doing it easily via phone or your own home setup with lights, cameras and microphone, there are many that are doing it with a full setup filled with studio lightings, green screen, set design and even with wireless microphones for better audio quality purposes.

Just like this.

According to research, live videos are six times more likely to get viewer’s attention compared to pre-recorded videos. Live videos offer a more realistic experience for the viewers and allows your marketing strategy a more human persona. 

2. Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos have been around for quite some time but not everyone really watches tutorials. Since the pandemic has started and classes have been pushed online, tutorials are one of the top search lists that people actually watch and look up to.

More people are turning to the internet for information, leaning towards explanations that are in the books which are just pictures. It is at a faster rate and more convenient than having to attend classes. You can just go on youtube or google and search for tutorials online. The Internet is the biggest source of information right now.

Watching a video is very convenient. An example if you are interested in learning languages, you can easily type in on the search bar and various platforms will come out. 

(*no advertisements is involved)

An example. Also another example would be if you purchase a camera, a Canon R6 for example and this is your first time setting it up. Simply go on youtube and you can see various numbers of videos with unboxing, setup and details that you might not have known.

There is quite a lot of demand for tutorials at the moment and can be shown across platforms such as Youtube, Skillsfuture, etc. Definitely a big opportunity for video producers and content creators. 

3. Vlogging

Vlogging also has been a trend for quite some time. Not only just vlogging daily, sharing their experience, showcasing their talents, expressing themselves like reaction videos etc. ,  but recently vlogging has expanded into how to videos and educational videos. 

In the first place, people have this idea that the concept of vlog is all about recording of your daily lives but now vlogging can be about dieting journey or cooking or even going on journey and making viewers imagine that they are physically there. 

Just like examples below:

Recently celebrities and influencers have joined the trend using vlogs to interact with their fans. Even brands too now have joined in the trend. Publishing the “hows and why” of using their products and promoting their new products etc.

Of course there are advantages in vlogging. One of the main advantages of doing vlog is representing yourself. Vlogging means raw recordings and unfiltered process which make your fans connect with you and relate with you more on a personal level. Also on the other hand, making yourself look approachable. 

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