What Is Branding Identity?

What Is Branding Identity?

When we speak of identity, we find something that resembles us. This could mean the way we look, our personality, attitudes, the way we dress and how fashionable we are, or could simply be the way we present ourselves. Similar to brand identity, it describes what the business is about, their goals, mission and values and the purpose of what they are trying to achieve.


When people talk about branding, the assumption is that the logo plays a huge role in the brand. Honestly, it is not true. A logo is just one part of a brand. A brand identity also includes typography, logo, packaging, typography, and personality all represent a brand, along with customer service, price, product quality, and corporate responsibility. Learn more about 7 key elements of branding identity at Key Elements of Brand Identity Design | Best Corporate Identity Examples

Thus, brand identity is a cohesive subject that helps to communicate with the targeted audience through design, service, marketing and even in packaging.

In this article, we will share the elements of what makes up Brand Identity starting with personality, goals, mission, values and design.


Assuming branding identity is a person, how do they look like and how do they communicate? Imagine the person is wearing luxury brands, we can safely judge that he or she is into expensive goods. If this person was a brand, it would be considered as trying to influence luxury into people’s lives. What about a person who dresses down, speaks to us philosophically? How would you judge their personality? Therefore, a branding identity is a unique key feature that shows the consumer or audience what the organisation is about.


Every company has its own goals trying to achieve. For instance, Carousell, a marketplace application, aims to provide service to B2B2C marketplace for buying and selling new and secondhand goods. Similar to individuals, we have a set of goals we want to accomplish in our lives.


Each company’s mission statement helps the consumer or audience to understand what the company has to offer. Some brand supports feminism, charity, or it could be anything, announcing their consumers why they started this company. It will help them to be acknowledged and a huge number of people would be willing to support the company instead of other similar companies.


Mission and values are correlated with one another. Imagine a brand that provides 10% of the monthly sales to support low income families or breast cancers, this shows that the company stands for certain movements. This is what their value is all about. Consumers want to know how their money and support they provide to the company will help such causes.


The last and important key element of a brand identity – The Design. This comes with the logo design, typography used, packaging, merchandise, and how marketing collaterals are disseminated to different channels either traditional or online.

Source : Freepik.com – Branding Identity


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