Why Canva Is The Best Tool For Social Media Marketing

Why Canva Is The Best Tool For Social Media Marketing

As a social media strategist, you would know deeply the importance of aesthetics and conveying a direct message to your audience or customers.

Social media marketing itself, embodies various components from advertising to design. Communicating with your audience is one of the most important aspects of marketing. However, the first point of communication between you and your audience is design. The design of your marketing collateral will make a huge impact on how your audience feels about the product or services that you are trying to advertise.

Putting all design softwares aside, Social Media marketer may not be well versed in designing content straight from a blank canvas such as Adobe Illustrator. Trends seem to change when individuals are expected to be well versed in multiple skill sets. Design softwares are an in depth calibration and if you need to produce something fast such as a daily Facebook post or Instagram post, then Canva might be the best one for you.

Why Canva?

1. Hundreds Of Templates To Choose From

Canva has hundreds of templates you can choose from. It has so many categories from social media, events, marketing, invoices, prints to even business-related design. In each of these categories, there are many different sub category templates you can choose from.

For example, social media, which is the topic of this article, encompasses different sub categories from Facebook/Instagram covers, Facebook/Instagram post, YouTube banners, and even a simple animated post.

Thus, in each of these sub categories, there are hundreds of templates you can choose from, and what you need to do is using the feature of drag and drop, edit the fonts, changing the colours and uploading your own visuals or photo. A simple social media post will take roughly 15 to 30 minutes!

2. It Is Easy To Use

As mentioned, once you have picked your templates, Canva has a great drag and drop feature, in which you can select various icons or elements from the side bar and drag onto your template. You can also create your own text and upload your own company logo into the canvas in less than 5 minutes!

What is great about this feature as compared to other design softwares is that you do not need to think about producing new graphic elements. The templates are there for you to choose from and simply drag it over.

3. Save Your File For Free

Yes, you can save your file as PNG, JPEG or PDF depending on your format or where you want to publish it. Of course, there are some elements that require “pro” plan and that is when you need to pay for such plan

But apart from that, most of the templates are free and the icons available at the side bar are free to use as well.

Needless to say, Canva is the best solution if you need a fast and good quality social media post. We are simply saying that leave those design softwares to well-versed designers. If you need a fast solution, Canva may be the right tool for you. 


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